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Miami Private Investigator Mitch Abreu of Miami Protection Interviewed by Telemundo TV News

Reporters of Channel 51 Telemundo Television News Network visited “Miami Protection” and interviewed Miami Private Investigator Mitch Abreu as he spoke about the latest Security Products and services..… The recording will be featured in a few weeks on Telemundo News.       . . . . . . … [Read more...]

Miami Protection Interviewed by Univision TV Network Channel 23

On Monday March 26, 2012, Univision Television Network Reporters visited “Miami Protection” and interviewed Miami Private Investigator Mitch Abreu as he spoke about the hi-tech Security and Spy Products sold at MiamiProtection. The recording will be featured in a few weeks on the “Despierta America Show”. . . . . . . … [Read more...]

Protection for Latin Actor Jen Carlos Canela

"Miami Protection" provided Body Guard Services for Famous Latin Actor "Jencarlos Canela" as he recorded a TV commercial launch for a brand new "Tide" detergent called "Tide Pods". As part of this launch, Jen Carlos surprised Hispanic consumers at a South Florida Laundrymat with the new Tide® Pods™ to show them how, with the new Tide Pods, the laundry process can be consistent since measuring dosage is not necessary. And by not having to measure, the average consumer saves about 1 … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2012 from MiamiProtection

Wishing All of our Clients and Staff a Happy and Prosperous New Year ....From Mitch Abreu and Miami Protection … [Read more...]

Miami K9 Security Services

Our Miami K9 Dog Security Video.....Call us for Miami K9 Security Services, K9 Personal Protection, K9 Drug Search Services, K9 Residential Security Services in Miami Dade County, Broward, Ft lauderdale, Coral gables, West Palm Beach or all Florida ? Call "Miami Protection"......See Our Miami K9 Dogs in Action below ; MIAMI K9 DOG SECURITY MIAMI K9 SECURITY DOGS     … [Read more...]


  "Miami Protection" was notified of a Miami Car Fire in progress....within less than 7 minutes a "Miami Protection" Security Agent arrived to help turn out the car fire....Minutes after, the firefighters arrived also and assisted...The vehicle may have exploded if the fire had reached the gas tank ....Luckily nobody was hurt ... Another day in the life of … [Read more...]

Broward Gun Permit Special Offer Expired

.....THIS SPECIAL OFFER HAS EXPIRED "468" persons signed up for this "Great Deal" that lasted only 24 hours.....Congratulations to all those persons that took this opportunity and saved big on their "Broward Concealed Weapons License" Many persons were unhappy that they missed this great DEAL...As a courtesy, we have extended this deal for another 48 hours....Click on Register Now button Below and Save       Click Image Below and "Like Us" on Facebook to … [Read more...]

Register For Broward Concealed Weapons Permit Deal

SAVE BIG ! on the Broward Concealed Weapons Permit "LIKE" and "SHARE" This Link with your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Friends and if 3 of your friends register for this great deal...your Class / permit is totally "FREE".   … [Read more...]

Broward Concealed Weapons Permit Class Deal

  ( Price $150 ) For a LIMITED time SAVE BIG ! on the Broward Concealed Weapons Permit...Only $75 if you Register Now   ( Offer Expires in 48 hours )       Register for the Broward Concealed Weapon License, CWP permit class, Close Carry permit, Broward Conceal Permit Classes or Concealed weapons class in Ft lauderdale, Kendall, Ft Lauderdale Beach, Broward or south Florida. Obtain your Broward Conceal Weapon License or Gun Permit in Broward...... The … [Read more...]

“MIAMI PROTECTION” Secures U.S. Navy’s newest destroyer Ship in Key West

Highly trained Security agents of Miami's Elite Security Firm "MIAMI PROTECTION" where deployed to secure the U.S. Navy's newest destroyer, the USS Spruance, as it arrived in Key West, Florida on September 24, 2011. Miami Protection's staff secured the premises and screened patrons arriving to visit the ship. The Navy Ship will be formally commissioned next week.The 509-foot-long Spruance is a multimission ship that will carry Tomahawk cruise missiles and two helicopters. “It … [Read more...]