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Convenience Store Security Miami Convenience Store Security Florida

Hire Convenience Store Security Guards & Store Security Services in Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, Port St Lucie and all Florida..... Convenience Store Security Services Miami Miami Convenience Store Security Guard Unarmed and armed Guard Services for a Convenience store, bank, mall, commercial property, condominium, highrise condo, wharehouse, shopping plaza, parking lot, lounge, restaurant, night club and more.... Convenience Store Security Services Miami dade County, … [Read more...]

Miami Retail Security Guards Store Detectives Loss Prevention

MIAMI SECURITY GUARD SERVICES - RETAIL STORE SECURITY - LOSS PREVENTION - STORE DETECTIVES AND MORE STORE SECURITY AND STORE DETECTIVES - (Miami Security Services) A store detective is employed to deter and detect theft in retail outlets. Store Detectives is one of many common and less frequently used terms in the retail industry. More common terms today with major retailers are Loss Prevention Agent, Detective or Investigator and Asset Protection Officer or Investigator. Special Officer, … [Read more...]

Miami Private Security guards Services

Private Security Guards ( posted in Miami Florida) Miami Private security guards, also known as security officers, have become increasingly important in Miami and our society, and the security guard industry is one of the fastest growing in Miami Florida and the country. Miami Security guards protect their employer's investment, enforce rules and laws on the property, and deter criminal activity or other problems.   There are three things to consider when hiring Miami security guards or … [Read more...]

Outsourcing Security Guards Miami

Security guards Security guards are of paramount importance to the physical security of your employees, events and facilities. Security guards need to be included in the overall protective blanket of the organization. Even when security guards are outsourced, they need to be an integral component of your security plan and not considered separate function.Once you have decided your organizational needs for short or long term security guard(s), the complexity of your security requirements that … [Read more...]

The Outsourcing of Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services - CCTV Security Cameras  Who is in your building? Do you know? And most importantly, do you care? If you answered ‘no’ to either of those last two questions, you could be in for a rude awaking. In today’s environment more and more building owners and managers are outsourcing their basic services to third party providers; the most common are security services, janitorial and landscaping functions.  The reason for this is economics, plain and simple. The fact … [Read more...]

Shoplifter Tries To Stab Store Security Guard

by  ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- A shoplifting incident Thursday evening at Orange Park Mall became an armed robbery when one of the suspects pulled a knife and tried to stab a security guard, according to the Clay County Sheriff's Office. Deputies said a man and woman who attempted take a shopping cart with about $1,000 in merchandise out of the Sears store about 7:45 p.m. without paying. When they were confronted by a store loss-prevention officer, the man allegedly pulled a knife … [Read more...]

Miami Mobile Patrol Services

Miami Mobile Patrols Our Miami Security Company provides Mobile Patrols, patrolling services, patrol service, residential patrol, community patrol and security guard services in south Florida. A visit to your premises by a trained mobile patrol driver or a mobile patrol security guard officer is a useful alternative to the presence of a static guard or a stationary security guard. All visits to your business premises or to your corporate office or residential community may … [Read more...]

Night vision security camera Miami

 Night Vision Security camera - CCTV Surveillance cameras ( posted in miami ) The hours we keep don’t always correlate with daylight hours. We find ourselves working after dark in order to get everything accomplished, at home or at work. Next time you find yourself out late, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing your office or home was equipped with a night vision security camera or cctv surveillance cameras ? A night vision security camera provides clear images no matter what kind of lighting … [Read more...]

Convenience Store Security

 C-Store Robbery Prevention History Convenience stores (c-stores) are unique commercial properties in that they are usually open 24-hours, are largely a cash-based business, can be operated by one clerk, and are conveniently located for quick in and out shopping. The nature of this business makes it very convenient for customers. Unfortunately, this business style also makes it an attractive target for robbers and other criminals. Since 1976, the convenience store industry has made major … [Read more...]