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Bodyguard Services Florida Body Guard Miami

Bodyguard Services Florida Looking to hire Florida Bodyguards - or bodyguard Services florida for personal protection services in south florida, Miami, fort lauderdale, south beach or local city ? Our Florida bodyguards and executive protection agents can provide a safe environment for executives, corporate clients, dignitaries and celebrities when protection and safety is a concern. Call our Body guard Agency today for close protection services, private investigations and bodyguarding … [Read more...]

private investigator jobs florida security guard job employment class d g k cc c license training course school

Looking for security guard and investigations employment or investigator job ? Our security company offers private investigator jobs and security guard jobs with the following classes of licenses: D,G, C, CC, K, DI, MA, MB, M, license security armed unarmed and private investigator Jobs in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and south Florida.  Now Hiring D licensed security guards, loss prevention officers, body guard jobs, armed, unarmed bodyguards and undercover investigators and marketing … [Read more...]

security guard services bodyguard service florida private investigation detective executive protection officer investigator detective service

Hire Security Protection services Body guards, uniformed Guards, Investigators, Executive protection or armed security guard for your safety. Our Security Agency offers an array of services such as Civil Criminal investigations, Domestic Investigation, Comprehensive background checks, video surveillance and commercial security. We are a security and investigation services Company in Miami Florida that services Ft.Lauderdale, Broward, Palm beach and south Florida   Call Toll Free 1-800-743-2313 … [Read more...]

Miami Gun Class Miami Gun Classes

Gun Class Miami Firearms Classes and more  Get you Gun Class Miami Firearms License or Miami Firearms Training today and protect yourself and your family from crime in Miami, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Broward or other cities in south Florida. Our Miami Gun Classes and Firearms Instructors are dedicated in giving you the finest Miami Gun Class training to include firearm handling,  pistol safety, range shooting, tactical shotgun courses and more.   Our Firearms instructor is N.R.A. … [Read more...]

Fort Lauderdale Security Guard Class Fort Lauderdale Security License D G Course Licencia de Seguridad Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Security Class and Training for “D” & “G” Guard License Fort Lauderdale Security Classes, Fort Lauderdale Security Courses and Training for Class D Security License or Class G Security Guard License.( Licencia de Seguridad clase D ) Take our Fort Lauderdale Security Class and Become a Broward County Security Guard Officer today. Commence a new career as a licensed Security Officer, Security Guard or BodyGuard. Take our Fort Lauderdale Security Guard Course and … [Read more...]

class d license florida security guard class miami security guard school training course

Florida Security Guard Class - Class D License in Miami or South Florida Florida Basic Security Officer Course Class D License Florida - Security Guard Class Florida - 24-Hour Course Program The State of Florida Division of licensing requires a total of 40-hours of instruction for Class "D" license training - security guard D License Florida. However, this Florida Security Guard training course may also be divided into 24-hours of initial training and 16-hours of follow-up training before … [Read more...]

Miami Security Guard Class Miami Security License D G Course Licencia de Seguridad Miami

Miami Security Class and Training for "D" & "G" Guard License Miami Security Classes, Miami Security Courses and Training for Class D Security License or Class G Security Guard License.( Licencia de Seguridad clase D ) Take our Miami Security Class and Become A Security Guard Officer today. and start your new career as a licensed Security Officer, Security Guard or BodyGuard. Take our Miami Security Guard Course and become a Class D License Security guard or an Armed Class G License … [Read more...]