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Florida Concealed Weapon License

Need your Florida Concealed Weapon License ? Miami CWL Class and Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Class are offered by our South Florida Security Guard School. Our Florida Concealed Carry Permit Course teaches civilians, security guards, police officers, private investigators, detectives and Law Enforcement persons how to protect themselves. All Florida concealed weapons classes and other security guard classes in Miami are held in a professional environment within our Miami Security Class. … [Read more...]

Miami Concealed Weapons Class Miami Concealed Weapon Permit Florida Training License

Interested in taking your  Miami Concealed Weapons Class, Miami Concealed Weapon Permit or Florida Concealed Carry Permit in any other city in South Florida ? Get your CWP / CCW license - Concealed Weapons License or Concealed carry Permit and carry a Firearm for your safety and protection. Our Miami Concealed Weapons class covers an array of rules related to safety, loading, gun handling, pistol unloading, use of force laws, shooting a handgun, family and child safety and more education. … [Read more...]

Miami Security Class Miami Security School

Call our Miami Security School and register for our Miami Security Class Security Guard Miami D License Classes & Training MIAMI SECURITY CLASS Register for our Miami Security School and become a Security Guard in 3 days with our "Miami Security Class"....Security Guard Courses for unarmed Class D & armed Class G Licensing available at our Security Guard Licensing School. Start a new career as a security officer or Body Guard today. If you need information on Florida security … [Read more...]

Doral Private Investigators Doral Florida Detective Services Doral Detectives

DORAL PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR – DORAL INVESTIGATION SERVICES Need Proof ? Doral Detectives and Doral Private Investigators are the professional Investigators in Doral Florida. Our PIs  have the dedication and experience in many investigation services. A Doral Investigator can deliver background check investigations , pre-marital investigation or infidelity investigation on a spouse. We may investigate a neighbor, tenant, employee or friend and obtain the facts about a spouse, husband, … [Read more...]