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Apartment Building Security

Keys to the Castle One of the many responsibilities of apartment managers is being the "keeper of the keys to the castle," so to speak. The multifamily housing industry is set up to follow the "innkeeper model" where the apartment resident is temporarily issued a unit key and management keeps the back-up key. The mere fact of having a key to someone’s home creates a potential for risk and liability. The issue of how to safeguard the back-up key is worth reviewing. The expression your home … [Read more...]

Hotel Motel Security

Hotel Security - Hotel Motel Room Sanctuary When traveling on business or pleasure, it may become necessary to stay overnight in a hotel or motel. Your hotel room becomes your home for the night and is your sanctuary while you sleep. It is important to give some thought about security planning. What hotel or motel are you going to select, and what room you are willing to accept? The cost of the hotel room is not always the best predictor of how safe the room will be. There are a few security … [Read more...]

Home Security Burglury Prevention

HOME SECURITY SERVICES  Your home is your castle...or is it?  Is your home really safe once you leave for work or school? Your home is considered a sanctuary where you should feel safe. Your home is the only environment where you have control over who can get close to you or your family. Protecting your home and family from criminal intrusion should be high on your list of priorities. See my web site on Family Security Tips for more information on protecting your family from harm. Home … [Read more...]

Nightclub security bouncer services

Bouncers & Doormen Nightclub Bar Security Bouncers are most visible aspect of security in a nightclub or bar is the often the huge guys working in a club. The proper application of bouncers and doormen as part of a nightclub and bar security plan are important. Inadequate security procedures could contribute to the Death of a Nightclub. Doormen The doorman or door-host is the first person the patron sees and sets the tone for the style and attitude of the club. Some clubs employ … [Read more...]

Retail Security Services

Retail Security Services  Retail loss prevention is a profession that is responsible for reducing inventory losses inside retail stores. Loss prevention professionals manage in-store security programs that focus on reducing inventory losses due to employee theft, shoplifting, fraud, vendor theft, and accounting errors. Like others in the security industry, retail loss prevention professionals must interact with store personnel and store customers when dishonestly or carelessness occurs. As … [Read more...]

Convenience Store Security

 C-Store Robbery Prevention History Convenience stores (c-stores) are unique commercial properties in that they are usually open 24-hours, are largely a cash-based business, can be operated by one clerk, and are conveniently located for quick in and out shopping. The nature of this business makes it very convenient for customers. Unfortunately, this business style also makes it an attractive target for robbers and other criminals. Since 1976, the convenience store industry has made major … [Read more...]

Protection Security Home Invasion

Home Invasion Robbery Protect Your Family with a Security Plan   Home Invasion One of the more frightening and potentially dangerous crimes that can occur to a family is a home invasion robbery. A home invasion is when robbers force their way into an occupied home, apartment or hotel room to commit a robbery or other crimes.  It is particularly frightening because it violates our private space and the one place that we think of as our sanctuary. Home invasion is like the residential … [Read more...]

Apartment Property Crimes

The Property Thief For the property thief, the decision to commit a crime on an apartment property is a risk versus reward exercise. The risk of committing this crime is the chance of getting caught, losing the property, and possibly their freedom. The reward is the perceived benefit obtained upon successful completion of the crime. A good apartment security plan will address this concept by using crime prevention measures that will increase the perpetrator’s perception of being caught … [Read more...]

Criminals Want Housing Too

Rental housing crime studies have repeatedly shown that moderate to high-crime problems can usually be traced back to a small percentage of residents. Those causing the crime problems are often the acquaintances, ex-spouses, or boyfriends of a legal resident who decided to move in without your permission. Resident Screening The best way to head off this problem is to practice resident screening and enforce clearly defined and articulated community rules that are emphasized during the lease … [Read more...]

Premises Liability for Violent Crime

Multifamily rental housing studies have told us for years that security is an important consideration for apartment and condominium dwellers, especially in urban areas. It is hardly surprising to now see "security" being sold as an amenity in many progressive apartment communities. The secret to selling security, like any amenity, is to promote it and then maintain it. Promoting security and safety is in everyone’s best interest and helps keep the level of awareness high. New technology … [Read more...]