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GPS Tracking Detection with Frequency Finder Bug Detector Pro

Detect GPS Trackers and Protect Yourself From All Major Types Of UHF, GSM, GPS or RF Bugs in your home or vehicle. This Most Advanced Bug Detector is used by TSCM and counter-surveillance professionals for easily detecting Radio Frequency Bugs and to detect GPS Tracker Signals.

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GPS Tracking Detection & PRO Counter Surveillance GPS Bug Sweep can be done by anyone with this affordable Bug Detector. Protect your privacy today ! Now anyone can perform a Bug Sweep of all Public and private Areas To ensure total Privacy with the best debugging device online.

Now you can Sweep rooms for bugs or locate GPS trackers in cars in less than 1 minute.



Are you bugged at home, car or office ? Being tracked by GPS is not cool..Don't compromise your privacy wherever you are at. Bug Sweep conference room, auto, dressing room, locker room, office, living room, bedroom and be sure that no one is monitoring you without your knowledge. Find GPS trackers, covert hidden cameras, UHF bug, GSM bugs, audio bugs, infinity bugs, and more with the Frequency Finder Bug Detector Pro. Turn on this hitech de-bugging device and quickly sweep any room or car to find monitoring device or hidden spy cam anywhere. Make sure your conversations are kept private with our TSCM eavesdropping detection devices. Buy our high grade professional quality portable hand held Sweep Kit today.


 Features of the Portable Bug Finder :

  • Portable Bug Detector - pocket sized for bug detecting anywhere
  • Start Debugging easily with a flip of a switch
  • Used by law enforcement, private investigators and the general public
  • Most affordable GPS and Bug Detector online


Detect GPS Trackers and Protect Yourself From All Major Types Of Eavesdropping Bugs and Phone Taps such as :

  • Will detect GPS Tracker Signals (only when device is transmitting signal)
  • Find Hidden cameras (Hardwired and Wireless )
  • Wireless Spy Mics
  • Laser Tapping
  • Infinity Bug Transmitters
  • Hidden Video cameras / Spy-Cams
  • Wireless tapping with VOX & other
  • Miniature Audio Transmitter Bugs
  • Wire telephone tapping / telephone Taps (wired and IP Phones)
  • Bumper beepers and bodyworn transmitters
  • Computer and Fax eavesdropping transmitters
  • Audio Interception and wired microphones
  • Transmitting GPS tracking
  • Series and Parallel transmitters



  • Wire telephone tapping
  • Laser tapping
  • Recordings from voice recorder, tape, digital and parabolic reflector using white noise generator


 Hidden Spy Camera Detection


 Bug Prevention / White Noise Generator

This Bug Detector also generates background “White Noise” in the 40 ~ 50 dB range in efforts to foil all attempts for someone to bug you. This is comfortable for human ears but will disrupt all bugging activities using…

  • Laser Tapping
  • Voice Recorders
  • Parabolic Reflectors
  • and many More types of bugging devices…




 Telephone Tap Detection and Prevention

  • Will Detect Wire Taps on Land Lines or IP phones
  • Will Detect Telephone Taps and landline Tapping
  • Will Detect Illegal Phone Bridging



Laser Tap Detection

Laser tapping or Laser Listening is a method of surveillance where Long Range laser Window Bounce Listeners are aimed at your glass window from outside. The laser then measures the vibration on the window and the wave patterns are converted to voice so someone can discretly eavesdrop inside your home without even having any equipment inside.



Protect yourself from all of these threats with the Frequency Finder Bug Detector Pro. Do not give a thieve easy access to your private personal information or sensitive company data. In this hi-tech digital world, many thieves are using eavesdropping equipment and bugs, sound amplifying devices, micro hidden cameras, audio surveillance, video surveillance equipment and many other surreptitious Eavesdropping equipment used to steal your identity, break into your home, steal company trade secrets, extortion or harm your family.


Make over $1000 In less than 3 Hours Debugging Homes, Cars Or Businesses that suspect having Eavesdropping Devices & Spy Hidden Cameras

De-bugging is a very interesting and extremely lucrative businesses today. The Counter Surveillance industry is exploding with opportunity for TSCM experts who can offer Bugsweep services for attorneys, companies and the general public. Many people fear they are victims of corporate espionage, cellphone spying, Android / Blackberry / Iphone cellular phone interception or any other forms of invasion of privacy. Now you can offer De Bugging Service or Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Consulting with the tiny pocket sized Hand-Held Bug Detector device used by hundreads of Licensed Private Detectives in Miami Dade, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach County, Boca Raton, New York, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, California, USA, Central / South America, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and worldwide.



  • Ac adapter
  • Detection Device Unit
  • Lens finder attachment
  • Telephone connector
  • 2 tele phone cables
  • Quick start guide and instructions
  • Earphone
  • Carry strap



  • 4 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1"


Frequency Range:

  • 10MHz - 8GHz

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