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I’m a big proponent of It’s a great website with lots of useful information for VIP protection, VIP Security, Body Guards and executive protection services. One of my favorite columns is written by Frank Borelli who is the Editor of Frank has written some excellent product reviews. He seems to have a knack for identifying useful kit for a variety of law enforcement, security and military applications. In his most recent ,product review, he reviews the “Tac-Pack” personal first aid kit. You can, and should read the review for yourself but based on his review I was prompted to review emergency medical response in Executive Protection. I’ve also got more than a casual interest in first aid trauma issues. My firm, All Source Consulting Group LLC ( is one of the leading emergency medical trauma training firms for the U.S. Department of State so these issues have more than a passing fancy for me.

Preparing to treat your protectee for an injury, whether inflicted by an attack or an accident, is one of the principal responsibilities of a VIP – Executive Protection assignment. Generally we do this by training and maintaining the requisite emergency medical skills such as CPR, AED, and basic first aid. Secondly, we develop a medical emergency response plan during our advance work such as identifying the respective medical facilities, running the routes and as appropriate, conducting the hospital survey. Third, we carry the necessary emergency medical kits with us such as the First Aid Trauma (FAT) kit in our vehicles along with whatever kit we need to accomplish our protective assignment. In the midst of all of this, as Frank Borelli points out, we need to be able to provide emergency first to ourselves and others, notably our principal. One of the features of the Tac-Pack Frank reviewed is the compact size of the kit which is always a noteworthy feature in a VIP Protection –  Executive Protection assignment, particularly when traveling where space is a constraint. There’s always a time when the usual emergency medical kit isn’t readily available so having something on hand that can be carried unobtrusively is a benefit. Whether it’s the Tac-Pack or some other brand isn’t as significant as having some kit available.

Two recent incidents come to mind where emergency medical response was critical. The first case is the traffic accident involving N.J. Governor Corzine who was seriously injured in an automobile crash. Fortunately emergency medical treatment was provided quickly enough to avoid prolonged injury or even death. The second case involves the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, who as near as I can tell, did not receive any emergency medical treatment until she got to the hospital which by then was too late. I can only speculate whether treatment en route would have made any difference but my feeling is something would have been better than nothing. Treating her on site was out of the question given the situation. We are all aware of the “Golden Hour” cited by emergency medical professionals as the key to survivability when it comes to trauma. Anything positive you do to add to that critical time period is a plus. Doing absolutely nothing because of a lack of training, or equipment is criminal.

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