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Private Detective and Investigator Careers, Jobs, Work and Training Information…. Miami Private Investigator Job – looking for a Private Investigator and Detective Career or Job ?  The Miami Private Investigator Job or work can be hazardous and usually involves odd or late hours. One-third of all private detectives in Miami or south Florida are self-employed. Many Florida PI’s have, law enforcement, prior military, insurance fraud, or government intelligence training or experience. Part-time Miami retail store detectives and prvt detective agencies usually provide the greatest opportunities for interning investigators also known as interns or new applicants. Today, there are many qualified people interested in the field of private investigation services. Therefore, private investigator jobs and other work such as loss prevention, undercover detectives, insurance fraud investigation, work comp surveillance, infidelity investigations and due diligence …are jobs that are very competitive and quite intense.  Private Detective Miami Investigator Career Overview Miami Investigators and private detectives uncover evidence by employing different strategies, PI tools, resources and investigative methods. An Investigator may use surveillance, research, recorded statements and other techniques to properly obtain proof and conduct investigations in a discreet way. The Investigator may interview witnesses, suspects, claimants, cheaters, obtain background information on someone, videotape cheating spouse, follow a suspicious spouse, employee, children, or any person under investigation. Common Investigator job or services are fact verification for employment, investigations concerning injury law suits, investigating false claims, auto liability injuries, child support, neglect, custody battles, fraudulent insurance claims investigations and other jobs. A Detective from our Miami Investigative agency will conduct background checks, locate missing persons, install or rent GPS Vehicle tracker, investigate claim fraud, spousal surveillance and other private investigation jobs. Spouses, employers, businesses, wives, husbands, lawyers, and attorney firms all receive assistance from private investigators and detectives regarding a number of investigator jobs or undercover detective work. 

An investigator is most commonly hired to investigate a spouse or partners fidelity, investigate claim and for attorney litigation services. A Detective or investigator job  depends mainly on the clients objective or requirements. Some detectives and investigators specialize in intellectual property, collect and analyze evidence, criminal defense investigation.


Investigators and private detectives who wish to work as a private investigator must obtain a private investigator license in most States and the District of Columbia. Convicted felons are prohibited from becoming private detectives in many states. Some states also require minimum, mandatory training for investigators. Six States have no standardized requirements….South Dakota, Colorado, Alaska, Mississippi, Idaho and Alabama… Like most law enforcement careers….Private investigator employment also requires a background check and be at least 18 years old and other requirements depending on the state. A college education, criminal justice degree, former police, security employment, bodyguard or loss prevention job experience is a valuable asset for prospective detectives who seek to obtain a private investigator job or career…


Despite the competition, job growth and employment opportunity or demand in the private detective and investigator industry…it is projected to boom at a fast rate through 2012. Miami Private Investigator job opportunities are on the rise due to, Public fear of crime, fraud and other needs for investigative services and other investigation service jobs, Lawyers also usually hire detectives for assistance in litigation and criminal cases.


Call our Miami Private Investigation Agency for more information on private investigator employment and job opportunity. Our Detective agency services Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Fort Pierce, Lake Worth, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Hialeah, West Palm Beach, Weston, Doral, Broward county, palm beach county, Kendall, Plantation, Coral Springs, Deerfield, Hallandale, Lee county, Hollywood Fl, Naples, Tampa, Vero beach and Miami-Dade.


Get a hard core professional career in the law enforcement or private sector security employment field. If you need Florida Private Investigator jobs or a private detective job miami or private investigator job Miami Florida or other area, us for info on jobs and private investigation employment.

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