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Here’s a well balanced story on Executive Protection in the mainstream media with a few points worth highlighting:

“Relative anonymity is some of the best protection going.” An excellent point. One of the best ways to reduce vulnerability is to reduce profile. This is the mantra many of us have been repeating when commenting on the attacks aimed at pro athletes.

“A junior executive out in the field is far more likely to be at risk
from opportunist kidnappers than a chief executive who is flown in and
out once a year.” Makes sense but unfortunately too often the effort goes towards protecting the corporate principal at the expense of those who are exposed to risk everyday because their position in the corporation requires them to be out and about. When it comes to protecting executives, the effort has to be equal to the risk, and not based exclusively on position within the corporation. The level of protection might differ but security measures should exist nevertheless.

“Internal threats are no respecters of size and location. Disgruntled
ex-employees phoning in bomb threats or targeting chief executives and
their families can happen anywhere and to any organisation.” This point has to be made continually for organizations and executives in countries other than the traditional high threat regions such as Latin America, Africa or the Middle East. Threat is not limited to location or even position. The myth that terrorism will only strike political targets or targets in high risk regions is a dangerous one. Executive Protection efforts must be prepared to counter the full spectrum of threats. We work on preparing for the improbable and the unlikely which means we can’t afford to discount any category of threat.

“If you protect the CEO, it argues, you should protect everyone.” I couldn’t agree more. Again, that doesn’t mean everyone in the corporation receives the same type and amount of security. The threat assessment process will dictate who gets what and why but to forego security altogether for fear of perception is negligent.

Bodyguards aren’t just for top brass – FT in English – Financial Times – – 27.12.2007

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