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Need Security guards services in Miami or south Florida ? 

MIAMI SECURITY SERVICES provided by our security guard company include commercial security services, retail security guard services, residential guard security services, uniformed security guard services, event security services, Pro bodyguarding, store detectives, mystery shoppers, mall security guard services, body guard services and more. Special training combined with experience and each clients specific requirements is what makes a effective security guard services work as required. Efficient screening of employees is the best way to minimise risk. Our security guard services provide our clients with screening services such as employees background checks to assist with employment of sensitive personnel. Call our Miami Security guards today .

MIAMI SECURITY SERVICES  may be customized for our clients if needed depending on their security guard service needs. Miami Security Guard Services may be in the form of uniformed security guard services, plain clothes security guard services or undercover security guard servicesand may be used for numerous situations including: Commercial security guard services, private security, Retail Store Security,  residential guard service, or personal protection. retail security may be used in retail stores to help identify shoplifters, vandalism and employee dishonesty. Warehouse Security Guards Services is effective to detect and stop employee theft rings. Miami Florida Security Services may also be undercover in efforts to gain knowledge of the crimes being commited by employees. Office Building Security Guard Services may be used to provide a more refined and professional look inside an executive office building.


Miami Florida SecuritySecurity Guard Services

Miami Florida Security Services provided by our security company may include licensed security guard services such as; commercial security guard services, residential security guard services, hotel security, home security, retail security, construction site security services, fire watch security, undercover security, uniformed security, temporary security guard services, permanent security guard services, plain clothes security, mobile patrol security service, residential security guards, community security services, cctv security camera monitoring and video surveillance services. Other security guard services routinely requested include; personal protection, VIP Security, Warehouse Security Guards, Condominium Security guards, Residential Community Security, Body guard Services, Corporate Protection, Security guard services for transportation of valuables, secure escort transportation, executive transportation or security guard services for secure transportation of jewelry. Our security guard services are second to none. We are the forerunners in the security guard services industry and strive to maintain a level of quality unmatched by any other security agency. Our security guard services are always on point thanks to our quality staff of licensed security guard officers and security guard staff and management.

Our security guard services, patrol officers and security guard officers are all licensed and insured to provide security guard services, uniformed guard service, personal protection service, VIP protection service, armed security, surveillance and much more at the best prices. Contact our Security Guard Agency now to obtain a security assessment and thus receive a security guard services quote from the leading security guard company in the market. Our guard agency is the leading security contractor and security guard provider.

Contract security service today from our private guard agency and experience guard service like no other in the industry. Some of our most requested private security guard services include; uniformed security guard services, plain clothes security, commercial security guard services, CCTV video surveillance, online Video Surveillance, residential security guard service, warehouse security guard, retail security guard, body guard service, secure transportation, executive protection, dignitary protection and residential security guard services.

MIAMI SECURITY GUARD SERVICES  One of the most common security guard services performed by the security officers is “Patrolling”. Patrolling is a large part of a security guard officer’s job duties in most sites requiring security guard services. The security guard will normally log all of their rounds or patrols by use of a guard tour patrol system or if not available they will log in writing all detailed patrol activity and log and report any found incidents or important activities that may have occured during the security patrol. Miami Florida Security officers differ greatly from police officers, military personnel, and federal agents however play an important role in protecting our society. Some security guard officers may use the security guard service job as experience to later apply to law enforcement agencies or private detective agencies. Security guards are also known as; Security guards, guards, patrol officers, security agents, watchmen, safety patrol guards, security officers, safety patrol, unarmed security guards, retail security guards, Armed Security, Private security, contract security, Loss Prevention, mall security officer, private patrol officer, retail security officers, Bodyguards, Executive Protection , body guard agents protection Agents, and more. Our security guard services company and its security guard staff has many years of security, law enforcement & Private Investigation experience.Our security guard company is always motivated to quickly respond to every one of our clients requirements and concerns. That should one of the many reasons why our security guard agency is the best choice when you require security guard services to be done right ! Our security guard services agency only employs professional security consultants, security guard officers, bodyguards and private detectives to conduct effective security services for our clients at reasonable rates. Most of our security consultants, security guards and private investigators have military, law enforcement, private investigation experience or training. Our Miami Florida Security guard staff master the security guard services industry and profession. That is why our security guard company may provide expert security guard services, armed protection services and private investigation services so effectively. Our Guard Agency has provided professional security guard services for fortune 500 companies, celebrities, dignitaries, executive officers, corporations and other organizations. Contact our security guard consultants today for a free security guard service assesment or for a free consultation regarding security guard services.



Miami Florida Security Services from our security company is unmatched in the security guard arena. Our security guard company provides unwaivering security guard services unmatched in the industry by our security company competition. Our security guard services is the leading security guard service provider offering unarmed and armed security officers, commercial security, residential security, event security, construction site security services, patrol services, personal protection, private security services guard services, body guard services, VIP security, mobile patrol services, concierge security, fire watch security, retail security guard services and more. Our Security Guard company also has an in-house CCTV security systems division which retails and installs commercial security systems and home security systems including, CCTV security cameras, Video Surveillance Systems, Hidden Surveillance Cameras, and access control systems. Online video surveillance monitoring and online surveillance systems may also be easily implemented with our security guard services. Miami Florida Security Guard Services are only performed by highly trained and experienced Security guard Officers from our Security Guard Agency. Our security guard agency may provide clients with many customized security guard services and security solutions. Miami Florida Security guard Services may be provided to private citizens, businesses, executives, homes, offices, celebrities, residential communities & more . Miami Florida Security guard services performed by our licensed security guards are always supervised by our in-house supervisors an by our field security guard supervisors who may make un announced routine spot checks of the clients site in efforts to maintain a level of supervision and thus supervise the quality of security guard services provided from our security guard.



A private security guard officer has a primary duty which is to prevent and deter crime, vandalism, etc,… Security guard agencies and security guard officers practice the “observe and report” methodology. It is a fact that security guard officers are not required to make arrests but do have authority to make a citizen’s arrest if needed. The security guard may always act as an agent of the law enforcement if requested by a police officer. Miami Florida Security guards who perform security guard services and patrol service have a contractual obligation. The security guard personnel must always enforce the security company rules and act to protect lives and property when needed. In order to perrform security guard services, Security guard officers must be licensed in most every state and also trained to perform arrest and control procedures, patrolling a site, patrolling a facility, take accurate notes of incidents, write detailed reports of incidents, perform first aid procedures, perform CPR, operate emergency equipment , redirect foot traffic to safe locations, customer service, and perform other tasks as required by the client they are working for. Additional security guard services training may be required or mandated by the state if the guards should ned to carry a weapon such as a firearm, baton, pepper spray, etc,..Miami Florida Security guard services may also entail access control at building entrances, access control at community entrance gates, concierge security services, cctv monitoring service, video surveillance, patrol services, mobile patrol services, uniformed security guard services, armed security, unarmed security, ensuring that employees or visitors display proper identification before entering a facility, and many other protective services. Armed security guard services are frequently contracted in efforts to effectively respond as law enforcement until a given incident is controled or until law enforcement authorities arrive the clients site thus protecting a persons life or property.

 MIAMI SECURITY GUARD SERVICES  from our licensed security guard company is very cost effective. Contract Security Guard Services, Retail Security, commercial security guards, or event security officers, by calling our Security Guard Agency now. A friendly licensed security service consultant is standing by with any information you may need and can provide a fast security guard service quote for any of your security contractor needs with our large selection of protective service. Miami Florida Security Guard Services, Body Guard Services can easily be ordered online on our security guard service website. Miami Florida Security Guard Services are always confidential…Our security guard company is the guard agency to trust when you require superior safety, protection and professional low priced security guard services.  

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