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A licensed Miami private investigator is allowed by law to conduct surveillance operations, obtain and give information related to the case he is handling, secure evidence that can be admitted in court, locate and recover lost or stolen property and determine the cause and responsibility in cases involving accident, property damage or injury. A private investigator is hired by a private individual or business organization to gather facts pertaining to a case.

A Miami private investigator may choose to work for a law firm, insurance company, general merchandise store, or in any business organization. However, most private investigators choose to be self-employed. Just like in any profession, an investigator can also choose a particular field to specialize in. He can choose to be a legal investigator, corporate investigator, financial investigator, store detective, or hotel detective. A legal investigator is hired by a law firm or a defense lawyer to help gather facts that will be useful in court defense. Looking for prospective witnesses and evidences admissible in court is also among his tasks. A corporate investigator, on the other hand, is one that conducts internal and external investigations in behalf of a company. Internal investigations involve activities within the workplace. External investigations, meanwhile, involve investigation of individuals or other corporate entities. A Miami private investigator can also to become a financial investigator. He is tasked to look into the financial history and profile of individuals and companies that are prospective parties to business transactions involving huge amounts of money. Some private investigators in Miami also choose to be store detectives or loss prevention agents. These people prevent theft by shoplifters, vendor representatives, delivery personnel and store employees. They also conduct periodic inspections of stock areas, restrooms and other places found inside a business establishment. A Miami private investigator can also choose to become a hotel detective. They prevent theft of hotel guest belonging and ensure that there is peace and order within hotel premises.

A Miami private investigator should be licensed and should have professional training for him to be allowed to undertake an investigative practice. Just like attorneys, accountants and physicians, private investigators are regulated in the state of Florida. The state implements licensing requirements for the safety and welfare of consumers who will be availing of the services provided by a Miami private investigator.

Among the common services provided by a Miami private investigator are spousal surveillance, background checks and computer forensic investigations. Spousal surveillance is done if the client suspects that his or her partner may be cheating. This will be done discreetly and any proof of cheating will be presented to the client as soon as it is obtained. Background checks, on the other hand, is undertaken to know more about the person that is being investigated. Usually, employers hire private investigators to know the background of the applicants that they are considering for a certain job or position. The same could also be done to know the background of a prospective business partner. Computer forensic investigations may also be undertaken to find files and information that have been deleted in a computer network. Using certain tools, trained private investigators are able to do this. All client-related information are also kept in confidence by private investigators. by

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