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Miami Dade Private Investigators and Miami Dade County Detective deliver Private Investigation Services in south Florida. Call our Miami Dade County Investigator today and speak with a detective regarding your case…No other Detective Agency in Miami Dade County can match the quality of Private Investigation Services delivered by our private detective agency….,our investigators always get you the facts in a discreet manner. Our Private Investigation Agency is the ultimate source for private investigation services, matrimonial investigation, divorce, video surveillance, nanny camera, debugging, bug sweep, forensic, cheating spouses, GPS Tracking, spousal surveillance, marital investigation, infidelity investigations, insurance defense, claim fraud, personal injury, auto liability, detective services and record searches nationwide.


Buy spy surveillance products such as GPS vehicle Tracker, Nanny Cam, home security camera, video surveillance system, audio surveillance equipment or counter surveillance product at our spyshops.. Our Miami Dade Private Investigators and Dade County Private Detectives are hired for many undercover private investigation services and due diligence searches which effectively confirm the facts clients demand.


Miami Dade Private Investigation Services can investigate persons, investigate spouses, investigate employees, investigate corporations, or other detective agencies , etc,…… and obtain the evidence required for your case. 


Our Miami-Dade Private Investigators have the ability, resources, training, experience and technology to gather the evidence and resolve your case effectively. After getting poor investigative services from other companies, turn to the expert…Call to speak with a consultant , Miami Dade Investigator, private eye or detectives at our Miami-Dade detective agency.

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