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Florida Concealed Weapon License

Need your Florida Concealed Weapon License ? Miami CWL Class and Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Class are offered by our South Florida Security Guard School. florida concealed weapon license

Our Florida Concealed Carry Permit Course teaches civilians, security guards, police officers, private investigators, detectives and Law Enforcement persons how to protect themselves. All Florida concealed weapons classes and other security guard classes in Miami are held in a professional environment within our Miami Security Class. CWL classes,  basic CWL, defensive pistol class, firearms training courses and shooting courses are all supervised by an NRA certified instructor. Our Florida Concealed Weapons Permit is useful to defend yourself against the ever growing violence we are experiencing in Miami. Our instructors will help you protect yourself. Obtain your Florida Concealed Weapon License today.

Our Classes cover:


Florida Concealed Weapons Classes


The Concealed Weapons Class FL CWL includes the license application, finger print card, information handouts and notary. We offer group discounts aswell for groups of 4 or more. At no additional charge, we offer loaner guns used for your firearms training. Range and ammo costs are the responsibility of each student.


Should you need a Private Concealed Weapons Course, we can offer the aforementioned course on a private one on one basis and can be done in the convenience of your home or office.



Need your Florida Concealed Weapon License or CCW Permit Course ? Our Florida Security Guard School offers the State of Florida Concealed Weapon Course for citizens wanting to conceal and handle their Firearm. Call us at; 305-264-7878 for information on Florida firearms training classes, concealed carry permit, unarmed class d License, armed class G License or other Florida gun courses.


Chapter 493 Department of Licensing news;

Valid Term Of The Concealed Weapon License Increased

From 5 To 7 Years


On Wednesday, June 11, 2008, the Division of Licensing began issuing concealed weapon licenses that are valid for seven years.


This increase in the valid term of the concealed weapon license is the result of Governor Charlie Crist having signed Senate Bill 948 into law. This legislation also enacted statutory language stipulating that a person must be a RESIDENT of the United States AND either a CITIZEN or a PERMANENT RESIDENT ALIEN in order to qualify for the concealed weapon license.


Please note that the new law is not retroactive. The law applies only to licenses issued on or after June 11, 2008, the date on which the law took effect. (This includes applications for NEW or RENEWAL licenses that our Division had received prior to June 11 but that were pending issuance when the legislation became law.)


Please also note that this increase in the period of time during which a license is valid comes with no additional increase in the fees. NEW and RENEWAL license fees remain unchanged.

FLorida Concealed Weapon License


Our Courses include; 



Florida Concealed Carry Permit

Florida Concealed Weapon Course

Florida Concealed Firearms Class

Florida Concealed Firearms Training

FLorida Concealed Firearm Course

and other related security classes or Florida Conceal weapon classes

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